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Our buses are late model converted school buses.  The advantage of this style vs. other styles is all about safety.  School buses are literally the safest vehicle on the road, after all, they were designed to transport the most precious cargo! They are made from all steel construction with side impact rails that provide critical protection in the event of a collision.  They are also higher off the ground for additional crash protection and driver visability.  Most of the smaller shuttle buses you see on the road today are made of cheap fiberglass offering little protection to its passengers.  We took great care in converting our buses to provide a clean and comfortable ride to our clients.  Here are some key features:

  • Seats up to 32 passengers comfortably

  • Rear Air Ride Suspension

  • Sound system with Bluetooth connectivity

  • Custom lighting

  • Phone chargers

  • Drink holders

  • Plenty of space for coolers and other items



Unlike some of the cheaper alternatives out there, we do things the legal way.  That means we are regulated by both the state and federal Department of Transportation.

  • Bus must pass an annual inspection by the Wisconsin State Patrol, subject to random inspections any time the bus is in operation.

  • Driver is required to hold a Commercial Drivers License with Passenger endorsement. 

  • We are required to carry $1 million in liability insurance

We encourage you do to do some research before booking any bus company.  You'd be surprised how many of these "companies" are flying under the radar and potentially putting your safety in jeopardy.  And if caught on the road, they will be immediately put out of service leaving your group stranded.  You don't have to worry about that with us as we are fully compliant.  We'd be happy to provide you with any of our inspection reports if requested.  You can also see our safety summary by clicking the button below.

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